Broken Bones

broken bones

I used to read this Scripture and think that the broken bones referred to the pain that life brings. I used to think that David was simply asking God to heal the hurt that He had allowed to occur, and to help him be happy again.

But in medicine, when an injury occurs and a fractured bone doesn’t line up correctly, it won’t heal properly, and the physician sometimes has to surgically re-break it. Not only is the initial injury painful and traumatizing, but the process and treatment in fixing it can be equally painful and take time.

But the outcome is supposed to be worth all the pain. To be functional again, to get stronger where you were once fragile – it makes you aware that the process was necessary and worth it all.

When I went through my divorce, like others, I experienced a  tremendous sense of grief and loss. Some of it was because of my own choices, and some of it was from the hurtful actions of others. In those early post-divorce days, I felt so shattered by the experience that it felt physically painful at times. One night I thought about this Scripture and prayed, “God heal these broken bones. Heal my broken heart!” Little did I realize then that the process was going to be long and painful. As it turned out, the pain from the events leading to and surrounding the divorce was not the only thing from which I needed healed. I needed to be reshaped, fixed in places I didn’t even realize needed fixed. I needed changed from deep within.

When you have been broken by life, and you ask God for help, perhaps you don’t just need healed, but you need to go through the painful process of being re-broken. During this time, you might have days of feeling inpatient to “hear joy and gladness” again. Not just joy, but David asked for double the joy that he may have had in days gone by. God is like that. He doesn’t just heal, but He restores, and it’s always better than before!

So like David, in asking God to heal your wounds and restore happiness in your life, pray for patience for that day to come. Expect a double dose of whatever you had before! And in the meantime, trust Him to be a painkiller and grant peace until the day of total restoration arrives!


Just Shred It!

shred it

Have you ever said to yourself, “That’s it, I’m over this! I’m moving on!” But then you don’t.

You say the words, but you don’t follow through. You talk the talk of being sick of your situation, but you don’t walk the walk and get away from it!

There will come a time when you are SO OVER IT that you actually initiate a display of moving on. You make a physical move to do something that will propel you into putting that entire situation behind you. The first step at moving on may just be something symbolic for a start…a baby step.

That’s what I’m doing today, because I’m so stale where I am right now, and so tired of talking about it that I’m ready to do something drastic…or at least something extreme for me!

Ok, so I normally write something new almost every day, but lately I just keep looking at my old stuff that I wrote years ago. I’ve tried to create something new and relevant from it, tried to breathe life into it, but it’s proven to be fruitless. The only thing I’ve actually succeeded in doing is dredging up old memories and feeling frustrated with Immature Me from yesterday.

Not only is it clear to me that I can’t resurrect something that’s dead, but all the writings that I’ve hoarded since the 80s and 90s are literally part of my past – a reminder of something I no longer wish to remember anyway.

So today I’m taking it all to the shredder.

It’s time to let my stories and songs from my past stay there, while I bring new experiences into my life. Today those thoughts and feelings will be shredded, physically gone forever, but tomorrow will bring new inspiration for me to write from my heart. Even though the act is purely symbolic, it’s a step I want to take in my ongoing efforts to move on.

What are you hanging onto in hopes of bringing to life? I invite you to join me and shred anything holding you back from a life of peace and contentment! Take that first step in the process of moving on toward better things.

“….forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching for those things which are before…”

Hope Deferred

hope deferred

When hope is deferred, it means you had hope in something, or someone, but then things just didn’t work out and you had to let it go. Hope is postponed, dreams are delayed.

It really sucks. It “makes the heart sick.” Being truly heartbroken can change us forever. We’ve all been there. Perhaps you didn’t expect to be let go from the job you depended on, or you didn’t get that loan you desperately needed. Losing a precious loved one to death can shake a person to their core. Chasing a lifelong dream, only to have one door close after another, might make you question your purpose. Maybe you really loved someone and saw a future with them, but then they walked away, taking your heart with them. Serious sickness and injury can also rob you of your hope, especially when you seem to take one step forward, then two steps back while trying to mend.

Depending on our circumstance, our resilience, our support system, our faith, these situations can be devastating. In our darkest nights, during our loneliest times, things may seem like they will never get better.

When life seems like it might shake the hope right out of me, it is at this time that I have to put down the tissues and gather my determination. I have to remember why I keep getting up and moving forward. For me, it’s my daughter. It’s my faith that God is still for me. It’s my sheer stubborn will to never yield! It is my hope. It just keeps rising up from somewhere deep within.

“A longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

Even when your heart is sick, you don’t have to lose your hope! Those trying times might make you have to postpone it. Your dreams may be delayed. You might toss and turn every night and cry your eyes out every day, but then you start to heal. You will feel hope rise up again, if you don’t give up. And your tree of life will be worth the wait!


Falling Star

falling star

People often speak of the beauty in a falling star,

of its fiery brightness as it streaks through the darkness afar.

Yet what they never realize is how that star must feel,

to be plunging outwards and downwards, then finally disappear.

Maybe that star had been banished from her home up in space,

perhaps condemned of a mistake that her mind could not erase.

Imagine how the other stars reacted

when her sins were finally found!

Her closest friends and family casted the hopeless star down.

If only there was life for stars here on earth,

but once they have lost their positions

there’s nothing to their worth.


help me not to forget the falling star that I had been.

A picture of failure, condemned of mistakes,

You saved me from my sins.

Falling hopelessly down in turmoil and fear,

You caught this falling star

Before I disappeared.

Written by:  Christi Roberts – at age 17

Copyright 2016