Falling Star

falling star

People often speak of the beauty in a falling star,

of its fiery brightness as it streaks through the darkness afar.

Yet what they never realize is how that star must feel,

to be plunging outwards and downwards, then finally disappear.

Maybe that star had been banished from her home up in space,

perhaps condemned of a mistake that her mind could not erase.

Imagine how the other stars reacted

when her sins were finally found!

Her closest friends and family casted the hopeless star down.

If only there was life for stars here on earth,

but once they have lost their positions

there’s nothing to their worth.


help me not to forget the falling star that I had been.

A picture of failure, condemned of mistakes,

You saved me from my sins.

Falling hopelessly down in turmoil and fear,

You caught this falling star

Before I disappeared.

Written by:  Christi Roberts – at age 17

Copyright 2016


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