Just Shred It!

shred it

Have you ever said to yourself, “That’s it, I’m over this! I’m moving on!” But then you don’t.

You say the words, but you don’t follow through. You talk the talk of being sick of your situation, but you don’t walk the walk and get away from it!

There will come a time when you are SO OVER IT that you actually initiate a display of moving on. You make a physical move to do something that will propel you into putting that entire situation behind you. The first step at moving on may just be something symbolic for a start…a baby step.

That’s what I’m doing today, because I’m so stale where I am right now, and so tired of talking about it that I’m ready to do something drastic…or at least something extreme for me!

Ok, so I normally write something new almost every day, but lately I just keep looking at my old stuff that I wrote years ago. I’ve tried to create something new and relevant from it, tried to breathe life into it, but it’s proven to be fruitless. The only thing I’ve actually succeeded in doing is dredging up old memories and feeling frustrated with Immature Me from yesterday.

Not only is it clear to me that I can’t resurrect something that’s dead, but all the writings that I’ve hoarded since the 80s and 90s are literally part of my past – a reminder of something I no longer wish to remember anyway.

So today I’m taking it all to the shredder.

It’s time to let my stories and songs from my past stay there, while I bring new experiences into my life. Today those thoughts and feelings will be shredded, physically gone forever, but tomorrow will bring new inspiration for me to write from my heart. Even though the act is purely symbolic, it’s a step I want to take in my ongoing efforts to move on.

What are you hanging onto in hopes of bringing to life? I invite you to join me and shred anything holding you back from a life of peace and contentment! Take that first step in the process of moving on toward better things.

“….forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching for those things which are before…”


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