Love Them Anyway

Love Them Anway

Sometimes life makes it hard to breathe.

Parents get old. They sometimes even forget who you are. They say hurtful things, behave in unrecognizable manners, and then they die, taking a part of you with them forever.

Jobs that you depend upon will increase their expectations while they decrease their staff, making the workload each day nothing but stressful.

Kids struggle to find their way through life, pulling your heart through the tears and chaos right along with them.

Friends come and go. Just when you think you figured out who might stick around, the game changes. Someone you love might decide they want who they hoped you were, and not so much the real you.

Today is one of those days when all the above sits on my chest and makes each breath feel like a chore. That weight on my chest making it hard to breathe – it’s heartache.

At times like this, my knee-jerk reaction is to guard my heart, and I want so badly to put my head down, walk away, and shut people out. If could go through the rest of my life like that, then perhaps I would be able to breathe easier.

But I won’t…I can’t…I want to live!

I may still be figuring out how to live life, but this much I do know – life has been hard, but God has been good. He won’t stop loving me, and I won’t stop loving them.

Because those aging parents taught me to never give up. They introduced me to my faith, and have been my prayer support all through life. To hide from their situation now is not an option.

And even though my job can be exhausting and frustrating, at least I have a job. I may be on my feet all day, but it’s not in the unemployment line. What I CAN do is have the mindset to go and outwork them all!

My kid may be a little lost right now, but she is smart, compassionate, and talented. I know she will get through this stage in life. And on the worst of days, we still have each other. She has my heart forever.

I’ve learned that friends are seasonal. Most of them are only there during the sunny season. But each one has impacted my life at some level, and we’ve created memories I’ll always treasure. And the ones who leave make me appreciate the few who stay even more.

Country singer, Martina McBride, sums it up when she sings, “You can love someone with all your heart, for all the right reasons, and in a moment they could choose to walk away. Love them anyway.”

This is it – no matter who it is, or the nature of the relationship – love them anyway. God’s love for us always stays, and so will my love for those who have held my heart. Obviously we don’t stop loving, especially family, but how we express that love – by giving of ourselves no matter how rough it gets – that’s how we are really supposed to love.

The glow of the good times, the high from being in love, the laughter and tears, and the heart-wrenching grief when we lose – that’s part of being human. ALL of it is the point of living.

Life is hard, but ironically, if you shut yourself from the possibility of pain and emotional hurt, you shut down the same places within that we try to fill with love and happiness. I will not hide from life, from the good or bad. Each day brings potential for love, joy, or pain, but I can’t experience the good without being willing to risk the bad! So I’ll keep open, stay vulnerable, and love them anyway.


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