You’re Gold!

You're Gold


Self promotion – most of us engage in it at some point or another. We do it on social media, we do it on the job, and we do it to get ahead in certain situations.

But when we do it in relationships, we not only take away the other person’s right to learn about us for themselves and form their own conclusion, but it can easily be dishonest and harmful if we don’t have a good sense of self awareness. Overall though, in a relationship, it is an unnecessary behavior if you know your own worth!

So today I was contemplating the above, and how I sometimes tend to try to convince others of my value in various situations. At the same time, I was also absentmindedly watching a show about the life of gold miners in the last century. My conclusion of the mix was this…

The gold embedded deep in the mountains does not call out to the miner, nor convince him of its worth. Its value is obvious, and it is sought after desperately.

How much more should we realize our own personal value? No one should ever find themselves in a relationship in which they feel that they need to convince the other person of their worth or potential.

Knowing what YOU bring to the table is crucial to the journey of getting to know one another. If you think a person doesn’t recognize your qualities, it might tempt you to persuade them. Don’t do it! Just be still, just be you. Your value will be obvious to the right person, and they will purposefully seek to make you a part of their life.

And in the meantime, sit patiently, nestled in the strong fortress of your Rock, your Creator, and know you were only made for someone who will see you, value you, who will protect your heart, and keep you close to theirs.

You’re gold!



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