Social Media…Enemy or Ally?

Social Media...Enemy or Ally?

One might argue that social media could be a valuable tool to positively influence a world full of hurting people to hang in there, look to God, keep fighting, pursue their dreams, and to let love live in their hearts.

Others could argue that social media is a tool that people hide behind, to troll and bully the weak and hurting, or to portray their lives as a lie to convince others that they have it all together, that their life is sweet bliss and perfection.

Social media is really a mixture of both. It’s a tool that can either ruin a person’s day, or make it brighter. Ask anyone who has ever had personal pictures or stories “go viral” by social media – it can build up or destroy.

Even though I am sometimes tempted to vent and let some crazy out on Facebook or Twitter, I really just want to positively influence others. I try and check my heart and my posts to make sure what I say is not negative, but yet is still always from a transparent and honest standpoint.

Because, like you, I don’t want to be influenced by someone who consciously puts effort towards convincing the world that they have a charmed life. Give me someone who has struggled, who has even temporarily given up, someone who has made the decision to come back fighting, even though the battle was yet great. Someone who can encourage me to hang in there, not because it’s sounds pretty to say, but because they hung in there and lived to tell about it, and they have personally seen God step in and change their situation. This is the message I want to receive, and give to others.

We humans don’t need to feel inadequate or fallible any more than our spiritual enemy would already have us feel!

To quote my pastor, “I hate the devil!” I’ve seen the enemy wreck havoc on my kid, family, marriage, my job, and on our country and our world. It breaks my heart, makes me angry, and I sometimes feel like I’m losing it! But then I remember…”For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

I want to fight back, and one of the ways I can do this is to use social media to do good – not as a tool to vent or feel superior to others, and certainly not to bash, spread negativity or division.

I want people to know that I’ve been at the bottom in life, divorced, unemployed, struggling with depression, emotional instability, and insane fear. But I’ve always, always, always, found God to be a source of peace and love when I humbled myself and called on Him!

I want people to know that I’ve tried other sources of happiness, searched for other sources of love, only to find out the hard way that only Jesus can satisfy this need I have to be seen, loved, cherished, and protected from harm.

This blog was never intended to be a preachy platform, but I promised myself and my audience in the very first post that I would always be real and open, and today this is what’s on my heart. So I’m using Facebook and Twitter to say what I feel. He is my strength and I’m loved by Him!

Love God, love others, serve the world – even if you’re kinda screwed up with past hurt and present scars…like me. And when something goes right in your world, maybe you could use social media to help encourage others to hang in there too!


Labor Day Alien

labor day alien


Ah, the Labor Day Weekend photos have taken over social media! Lots of boating-at-the-lake pics, as well as talk about autumn approaching.

I had to work this past weekend, so today is my Labor Day (day off). And as usual, any long amounts of quiet time for me induces random pondering, so here are today’s not-so-deep thoughts…

Regarding so many social media posts over the past few days – I hate to be a traitor to my race and gender, or provide any further proof that I might indeed be an alien, but I think Indiana lakes are dirty and gross! Give me a chlorinated pool, please! I know, I’m weird.

Furthermore, I don’t like the taste or smell of pumpkin-spice-anything, and I think Luke Bryan sounds like he needs to burp. Now my female cohorts are questioning why we are even friends!

I’m not done. So, all you girls who are excited over the soon-to-be piles of crunchy leaves have obviously never had to clean a gutter! I saw a dead leaf lying on the ground today and caught myself giving it a dirty look. You may love the falling leaves in all of autumn’s pumpkin spice glory, but I know what’s coming….

And ladies, while I’m at it, what’s the big deal if the toilet seat is left up or down by the male population? It’s not a seat issue, it’s a lid issue. The lid should be shut by everyone, every time. It’s just good etiquette! Can we, as a society, end the war between men and women over the toilet seat drama once and for all?

In addition to the above trivial differences, I dont drink coffee. I don’t watch The Walking Dead, The Voice, or The Bachelor. I don’t small-talk well, and I’m very literal in my communication.

If I could make it happen, I would understand people, and they would understand me. But this is the life I have, and I do love it, especially the people in it! But I guess voicing my individuality helps me cope with the alienation I sometimes feel.

Ok, I’m done. Christi phone home now. Happy Wednesday everyone! ✌🏼