It’s What’s In The Bag that Counts!

This will be a short one.

I stopped by McDonalds for breakfast on my way to work this morning. In their efforts to make their customers happy, I’ve noticed that they not only display your order back on the screen, they also verbally repeat it at the first window when you pay, and then again at the second window when they hand you the food. This way, you can drive away with assurance that you have exactly what you ordered in the bag.

Well I learned firsthand this morning that they can say whatever I want to hear, but if it doesn’t match the actions of actually putting the correct food in the bag, it’s just empty words! After three layers of “assurance”, imagine my surprise when I opened an Egg McMuffin when I actually ordered a biscuit with egg and cheese.

Hang with me…I’m going somewhere…

I sit at work holding this sandwich and think – You can have someone say they’re your friend and they can look you in the eye with a joke and a smile every day, but if they sit and lie about you behind your back, they’re not really a friend.

Someone else may call themselves a Christian, but have a longtime habit of prejudice attitudes against other people, especially with different culture or skin pigmentation. That’s not like Jesus!

When this so-called friend and this so-called Christian tell me about who they are, I hear them, but in my mind I know they’re really just a crusty Egg McMuffin.

Words don’t matter – it’s what’s in the bag that counts!

It's What's In The Bag


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