About Me


I’m a 46-year-old mother, nurse, pet owner, divorcee, writer, and dreamer whose life is entwined in God’s grace. Just so you know – this is not a mommy blog!

Like thousands of personal, inspirational blogs out there, my stories, thoughts, and songs are from my heart, written to encourage someone else along their journey. I think you will find, however, that I tend to color outside the lines! My writings will be honest and transparent, as my experiences are full of weakness and mistakes. But if you don’t see anything else in me, I hope you see resilience! I never quit.

Miss New Shoes represents myself – my new chapter in life. Just about every woman loves a new pair of pretty shoes, but not every woman will actually treat herself to them! I was one of those women – a busy single mom on a budget, whose outdated high heels sat in the back of the closet for many years while I chose tennis shoes as my daily footwear. My scrubs, messy bun, and Nike’s had become my post-divorce, middle age look.

Recently, a friend of mine suggested that I “increase my stock” by refreshing my wardrobe, hair, and make-up. After deciding NOT to have hurt feelings, I realized he was right! So I bit the bullet and went on several shopping excursions. In the end, I had new clothes, makeup, perfume, and yes…a few pair of new shoes!

Let me tell you, the high heels were overpriced and uncomfortable….and I felt pretty! When I wore them, my back was straight, my head held high and I felt confidence that I hadn’t felt in a long time. There’s just something about having manicured nails, high heels, and a pretty dress that can make a woman feel well put-together, even if nothing else is going right in her life! This confidence drifts over to her family, co-workers, church goers, even strangers in the store. She notices they treat her differently – longer conversations, bigger smiles, kinder words, more respect. Yes, it was money well spent!

I was able to take a stuffed bag of old clothes and outdated heels to Goodwill and made a promise to never let myself hide behind baggy clothes and messy hair again. I’ve made other promises to myself too. Those being more along the lines of how I treat others, how I allow others to treat me, and most importantly, how I treat my relationship with my Creator. 2nd Corinthians 5:17 states, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he (or she) is a new creature. Old things are passed away, behold all things become new.” (KJV) The changes I described above were on the outside, but they represent the changes I’ve also made on the inside.

This life is a journey of constant change, lessons learned, and personal growth. Welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll come back sometime and travel this journey with me!